January 20, 2013

Finally Fixed | CSS Transitions on Pseudo-Elements

by Felix Leupold

In my previous post I described a way to get transitions working on pseudo elements in webkit driven browsers. But the hack requires the pseudos to inherit from their parent elements, so this technique has some limits.

Here are the good news: after 2,5 years the transition bug was finally fixed by Elliott Sprehn in Chrome Canary v. 26 – normally three month ahead of the stable version – so we will be able to use them very soon. Yay!

November 15, 2012

Webkit Fix | CSS Transitions on pseudo elements

by Felix Leupold
Button Transition

Transition Error in Webkit (middle)

CSS generated content is not only the best way for clearfixes, it is also especially helpful if you want to create visually impressive objects with a minimal amount of markup. Due to a long existing bug in Webkit (3 years!) pseudo elements like :before and :after cannot be animated via transitions, yet.

But there is a way to fix this issue, as Roman Komarov presented at the Jam Session at Fronteers Conf this year. And a usually disregarded property value enters the stage for this work around.

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October 14, 2012

Hello world again! My new/old blog

by Felix Leupold

This is my “new” blog, where i will share my thoughts about UX, design and front-end development. I decided to switch this blog from German to English to reach a larger audience of the web development community in the future.

Getting rid of all the old posts felt great and inspired by this feeling I created a home for my new posts with a theme based on the upcoming default wordpress theme twenty twelve. I can really recommend it as a starting point for your own theme, because it’s very lightweight and not overloaded with styles and functions. I’m comfortable with the current state of the theme so I’ll use it from today on, but I will make tweaks to it continuously.

I know that my english isn’t perfect, but I am looking forward to improving it, while writing this blog. Comments and corrections are always welcome :)